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Great Lakes Petroleum, Northeast Lubricants
and Consumer's Petroleum


Oil DropletPaylocity Web Time

Provides access to enter your time and make time-off requests.

Oil DropletPaylocity Web Pay

Provides access to Payroll information, including your pay stubs, Tax Status, Witholdings, Deposit information and more.

Health Care

Oil DropletEGP/Cigna Network

Provides access to Cigna website and the network of doctors on our health care plan.

Voluntary Dental PPO

Oil DropletFind a Dentist

Provides access to the Assurant Employee Benefits website where you can search for a list of Dentists in your area.

Vision Discount Services

Oil DropletFind a Doctor

If you are enrolled in the dental plan, it includes a vision discount plan through Vision Service Plan (VSP) that includes discounts on exams and other vision related items.

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